Thursday, December 21, 2006


kiba-dock (couldn't find the project page...) is an OSX-like dock that you can use to launch applications, and it also has some silly animations to go with it. I installed it on Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10 using the instructions here. As the poster mentions, it only works properly after you try and install the second time. Strange, but it works. If you're not running some fancy compositor-window manager like XGL/Compiz or AIGLX/Beryl, it might look pretty ugly (black boxes around everything, sometimes text doesn't show up, etc.). I'm using Beryl and it looks fine.

To use kiba-dock, drag icons onto the dock to be able to launch them from the dock. kiba-dock is, of course, completely customizable (colors, position on screen, physics, etc.) so if it's not immediately to your taste, you can change it.

To launch kiba-dock at startup go to System->Preferences->Sessions and under Startup Programs add kiba-dock.

Here's a video of kiba-dock in all its glory:

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