Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to school

Since I've been back at college, I've been using some things that I don't use otherwise... it's quite a different world here than in Silicon Valley.
  • Spellcheck
    • aspell -c <file> spellcheck a file
    • aspell -a interactive spellchecker
  • PDF-related
    • evince &lt;file> to launch a GUI PDF viewer
    • pdftohtml &lt;file> to create three files, one which contains a table of contents, another which contains the text, and a third which combines both with frames
    • gs ghostscript
    • apropos pdf list things that your system can do with PDF files... there's a lot of them!
  • How to open a new tab in a GNOME terminal (How is this back to school? Well, I'm trying to eliminate all mouse usage now that I'm using this laptop everywhere...)
    • Ctrl+Shift+T Open tab
    • Ctrl+Shift+W Close tab
    • Ctrl+PageUp/Down select Previous/Next tab
    • Ctrl+Shift+PageUp/Down move terminal tab to the left/right
    • Alt+&lt;number> select specific terminal tab by number
Some things I'd like to learn (anyone out there know?):
  • How to insert unicode characters in vi
  • Invoke a spellchecker from within vi

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