Thursday, September 21, 2006

Big Day

2 things happened today:

1) Got my awesome, awesome Dell 2407 monitor:

2) Ordered some parts off of newegg so I can use this montor at more than the crappy resolution of my laptop (and, y'know, for some other functionality...):
  • AMD X2 64-bit 3800+ CPU
  • Seagate 320G hard drive
  • Cheap LiteOn DVD burner
  • Cheap HP Deskjet printer
  • Cooler Master case (with 430W power supply)
  • Asus A8N5X Motherboard
  • PNY GF6600 AGP 256M Graphics Card
  • 2G Corsair RAM
And, all the accessories:
  • A blue keyboard with a superman logo emblazoned on it
  • Logitech (best company ever for cheap and excellent peripherals) optical mouse
  • Buffalo Wireless PCI card
  • Arctic Silver Thermal Paste (I never use the cheap stuff that comes on the cooling unit)
  • Power strip
All parts (save the monitor) clocked in at under 1000 bucks, including shipping and taxes. Can't wait to get my dirty little paws on it next week...

Update: screwed up on some stuff... RMAed the video card because it was the wrong interface (stupid! stupid!)... got a VGA XFX|GF 7300GS 256MB PVT72GWANG to replace it... and that keyboard is slim and lame... got a stripped down logitech one to replace it.

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