Friday, August 29, 2008

Cool Gmail Feature -- Periods do not Matter

It's true: is the same email address as as far as Gmail is concerned. And to think that everyone makes such a big fuss about making sure you have that period in the right place when they give out their emails...

This feature is documented in Gmail help here. Gmail even idiot-proofs this feature by having a link to the docs when you receive an email at a different address from the one you registered (see photo).

Some have used this feature to their advantage to reduce spam or create multiple accounts on a web service that all send mail to the same Gmail address.

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Corporate Birthday Cards said...

Thank you for posting this. I have an email address with a period in it, like the example you gave above. I had no idea that the period really didn't matter! Then why does Google suggest email usernames with a period in them when you enter in a username that has already been taken?
Oh well, I guess I just don't need to stress so much the next time I'm sending out corporate birthday cards online. Thanks again! Great post.