Monday, August 18, 2008

Proposal: Free Parking through Self-Booting

San Francisco is a tough city to park in, so I've been scheming up some ways in which to get free parking... here's one thing I've come up with, but haven't had the guts to try yet.
  1. Buy four boots (or more formally, wheel immobilizers).
  2. Park in a tow-away parking zone.
  3. Affix one boot to each wheel of your car.
  4. Laugh at the people figuring out how to tow your car away seeing that they can not drag your car along on its back wheels nor wheel the car up onto a platform.
  5. Return to your car at your leisure, detach boots, drive away.
Some things to consider:
  • Boots are somewhat expensive, so the whole cost-efficiency of this scheme needs to be taken into consideration (price of tickets, if you plan to pay them, price of parking, risk of having car destroyed by angry tow truckers).
  • I'm not sure what kinds of contracts tow truckers have with the city, private establishments, etc. If they are not liable for any harm that comes to your car, this probably isn't such a good idea, as the towers have no incentive to not damage your car trying to toe it away.
  • Not paying tickets can bite you in the ass if the ticket-giver somehow manages to figure out your Vehicle Identification Number, usually found etched in various places in the car. Unpaid tickets can come up when you try and re-register your vehicle.
  • Boots can be pried off... I'm sure this isn't the only way
UPDATE: Nothing to do with booting, but here's another way to get free parking in San Francisco, courtesy of Black Hat

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IvyMike said...

A few rolling jacks and your car is still towed.

In a twist, one guy did this within his housing complex, moving his (wrongfully) booted car into his garage. The tow company tried to get him for stealing their boots. It's a little disjoint, but once you understand what is going on, it's hilarious: