Monday, July 03, 2006

Ordered server hardware

I began my quest of building a file/web server today... here are the purchases I made from the fabulous (and cheap, and convenient, etc.) newegg:
  • CoolerMaster case: I already have one of these for my primary desktop... very good design with the "tool-less" install
  • 2x256 Corsair memory sticks: Basically, the cheapest reliable memory I could find
  • Asus P4S800D Motherboard: Again, cheap (and hopefully reliable) motherboard
  • Antec SP-350 Power Supply: cheap power supply
  • Intel Celeron D310 2.13GHz processor: The cheapest processor I could find... (more than 2 GHz these days!)
  • Rosewill RK-680 USB Keyboard: cheapest keyboard I could find
  • Evga MX4000 Graphics card: cheap graphics card
  • 2 Seagate 300GB hard drives: these 2 babies account for almost half the price of the total package

The total for all of this stuff is around $550. I'm planning to set up apache and a file server on this baby, along with RAID 1 so I don't lose any of those valuable, valuable mp3s.

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