Saturday, July 08, 2006

Server Building, Part 2 (RAID setup)

Whoops! I forgot to get a CD drive for loading the OS. Silly me. A quick stop to Fry's (Palo Alto) solved this problem (I also bought some ribbon cable for connecting the new IDE CD drive to the motherboard).

A bit more tweaking of those small wires and... voila! Hardware is all working fine now. Then, a quick install of the CD drive and close everything up. Off to the BIOS!

Setting up RAID is really easy on Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake). I used this site as a guide. Just format 2 partitions as RAID partitions of equal size (but don't forget swap partitions as well!), select RAID 1 and you're off! I got through the minimal configuration and more significant waiting during the OS setup phase and now I have a command prompt just tempting me to use it. Right now I'm researching FTP servers. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: This site has a much more detailed RAID setup guide.

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